Physician Assistant Jobs

"I have stayed at Summit for the last 6 years due to the relationship I have developed with my supervising MD and the responsiveness I have experienced with management. Summit listens to their employees and makes changes when and where change is necessary. They have been able to grow and be profitable even in a recession. I have a lot of confidence and loyalty to this group."

Here, you’ll find a variety of Physician Assistant opportunities:

  • Physician Team based opportunities (assisting in clinic and surgery)
  • Hospitalist Services
  • OrthoQUICK Clinic (offering immediate access care for orthopedic injuries)
  • Additional opportunities include attending/facilitating in-house CME conferences and research.
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"I believe that I work at the best orthopedic practice in the Twin Cities. Summit Ortho gives me the experience to truly better myself as a practitioner. I can advance my skills and move forward in a supportive environment. Patient care is the top-priority for me and everyone else I work with. I feel it is important to work with individuals who hold those values true and every single person at Summit does. When you have the support of a good company and co-workers, you can do great things!"