Physician Jobs

We’re physician-owned and operated, which means our physicians have a lot of autonomy. In addition, we are patient-focused and quality-driven and that makes us leaders in our industry. Throughout the past 30 years we have experienced significant growth by expanding our services to include MRI, PT and additional specialized services. This gives us an incredible competitive edge in the market because we provide a full spectrum of orthopedic care for our patients.

"It's challenging, it's fun, and there are so many opportunities for growth."
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"I believe that I work at the best orthopedic practice in the Twin Cities. Summit Ortho gives me the experience to truly better myself as a practitioner. I can advance my skills and move forward in a supportive environment. Patient care is the top-priority for me and everyone else I work with. I feel it is important to work with individuals who hold those values true and every single person at Summit does. When you have the support of a good company and co-workers, you can do great things!"